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All Around Persia - 21 days

Day one: Tehran. Arrival in Tehran and transfer to hotel for a short rest. After a rest you are going to visit famous complex Saadabad. The complex consists of more than a dozen palaces. The most beautiful palaces are the Green Palace, whose facade is decorated with green stones and mirrors, and the White Palace. Near the Palace there is an old Tajrish bazaar. You will visit the Niavaran Palace, the family residence of Mohammad Reza Shah.


Day two: Anzali. Today you drive to the Caspian coastal cities and enjoy the nice vista of the mountains and the sea in the area. You will see the two different faces of nature in Alborz mountain range: the semiarid southern slopes and the humid northern slopes. Via the way we are going to visit authentic mountain village Masouleh where you walk on the houses roofs and Gilan Rural heritage museum, an open air museum describing about the rural civilization and culture of people of Iranian North. Tehran-Anzali, 364 km. 


Day Third: Ardabil/Sarein. Our tour this morning will start from visit of the Anzali Lagoon that is known as a good place for bird watching. Continue our way to Ardabil by journey above the clouds in the Heyran road. In Ardabil you visit the Sheikh Safi complex that was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You may visit the Shorabil lake in Ardabil in summer time if there is a free time. Anzali-Ardabil, 235 km 


Day fourth: Tabriz.  Today you move to Tabriz from Ardabil. Half day city tour in Tabriz includes Blue Mosque and Tabriz Bazaar, the largest covered bazaar in the world and one of the oldest bazaars in the Middle East. Its historic bazaar complex was one of the most important commercial centers on the Silk Road. Also you will visit Constitution house with a skylight and corridor decorated with colorful glass and mirrors and the largest park in Tabriz El-Goli park. Ardabil-Tabriz, 225 km


Day fifth: Hamadan. This day your way is going to Hamadan. En route visit the Dome of Soltaniyeh in Soltanyeh, the outstanding monument of the Islamic architecture with the world's largest domes built from bricks and Ganj Nameh, an ancient inscription with three ancient languages, in Hamadan. Tabriz-Hamadan, 591 km.


Day sixth: Hamadan. Morning city tour in the green mountainous city of Hamadan. Visit the excavations of Ecbatana, the ancient capital and the summer residence of the Persian kings. Your next visits are the Avicenna mausoleum who was the greatest scientist, philosopher, mathematician, musician and poet, Baba Tahir mausoleum, the poet of love and mystic, and Alavian dome beautifully decorated with flowers and plants.


Day seventh: Kermanshah.  Today you drive to Kermanshah with visits to Anahita temple, the Persian temple dedicated to the Goddess of water and fertility in Kangavar, Bistun with the most important inscriptions of the Achaemenid kings and Taq-e Bostan, the complex of two arches with scenes from Persian kings lives. Hamadan-Kermanshah, 186 km.


Day eighth: Dezful. Drive to Dezful via Khorram Abad to see the ancient Falak al-Aflak Castle. You may see scenic views of the city from the walls of this massive fortress that was built in the 3rd century AD. Also you will visit the Pol-e Dokhtar bridge, the unique bridge in Iran and Asia because of its measure, size, shape and architectural features. Kermanshah-Dezful, 335 km. 


Day ninth: Ahvaz. You are going to visit 3 historical sites form the World Heritage list of UNESCO in this day. And your first visiting place will be Susa, one of the most important city of the Mesopotamia. After drive to Shushtar en route visit Chogha Zanbil zigurat. Arrive to Shushtar to visit historical hydraulic system. Dezful-Ahvaz, 151 km.


Day tenth: Shiraz. Today en route to Shiraz you will visit Bishapour city, an ancient 1700 -year -old city with six rock reliefs and rock-cut reservoirs. This trip starts in level of 50 meters from sea level and finishes in 1600 above sea level and you can see different climates and landscapes during the way. Ahvaz-Shiraz, 538 km.


Day eleventh: Shiraz. Sightseeing of Shiraz, the city of poets, literature and flowers, begins with a tour to the Nasir al-Molk Mosque with its unique breathtaking stained-glass windows and painted ceilings, the mausoleum of Hafez, the poet of love; the famous mosque of Ali-ebne-Hamzeh with mirrored halls and Persian garden Eram, listed in the UNESCO heritage list.


Day twelfth: Shiraz. Morning excursion tour to Persepolis, one of the richest and biggest city under the sun. You will visit the remains of the palace complex. After touring Persepolis drive to Necropolis, in whose territory there are the massive four tombs belonging to Persian kings, and the cube of Zoroaster, the appointment of which is still unclear. In the afternoon you will be at leisure to take a walk around and see the modern view of the city.


Day thirteenth: Shiraz. Full day excursion to the ancient Firuz Abad city to visit the Palace of Ardashir with three unique domes with squinches and the Dezh Dokhtar Castle whose roof was built as a cradle. If it is possible in the afternoon you will get familiar with the traditional nomadic lifestyle.


Day fourteenth: Yazd. Drive to Yazd, Pasargadae tour, an ancient capital. The most significant attraction of Pasargadae is the tomb of Cyrus the Great. Alexander the Great visited the Cyrus tomb when he was in Persia. On the way to Yazd, a stop in Abarqou to see the 4500 year old cypress tree. Shiraz-Yazd, 448 km.


Day fifteenth: Yazd. You will start a tour around the city with a visit to Tower of Silence, it was used by Zoroastrians for exposure of the dead, Atashkadeh (Zoroastrian’s fire temple that holds a 1500-year-old fire), the Water museum and Dowlat Abad Garden with the largest city wind-catcher and wind towers. The afternoon will be dedicated to visit the Old City of Yazd with its labyrinth streets. We will visit the Jaam'e Mosque that was built with desert architecture characteristics and the 600 years old Amir Chakhmaq Square the symbol of Yazd.


Day sixteenth: Isfahan. Today on the way to Isfahan you will have a visit to Meybod to explore pigeon towers (Dovecote) to see how were kept thousands of pigeons; Abbasi caravanserai, the desert inn for travelers along the Silk Road; ancient ice storage (Yakhchal) and Naien to visit the Ja’me Mosque and finally reaching our destination in the evening. At night, you will walk by ZayandehRoud River, visiting historical arch bridges Si-o Se pol and Khaju and soaking up the atmosphere. Yazd-Isfahan, 323 km.


Day seventeenth. Isfahan. Morning visit of Naqsh-e Jahan Square, one of the largest squares in the world. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Imam Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace and bazaar are located on the square. Visit the huge Imam mosque, which decoration has half a million of mosaic tiles; the unusual Lotfollah mosque that was built without a minaret; the six-floor Ali Qapu palace, Chehel Sotoun Palace that is located in the Persian garden and is listed in the UNESCO heritage list and Isfahan bazaar where you may buy beautiful handicrafts.


Day eighteenth. Isfahan. Half day morning tour to see the historical sites in the city including the Jaam’e Mosque, the largest mosque in Iran, where you may see the different styles of Islamic architecture of all periods ranging from 1800 years to 400 years ago and Vank Cathedral in Armenian part of city Dzholfa.


Day nineteenth: Tehran. Today you ride to Tehran via Abyaneh, Kashan and Qom. Abyaneh is one of the oldest village in Iran with houses of reddish hue. City tour in Kashan to visit the most beautiful traditional houses in Iran that were belonged to merchants, Fin Garden and the 8000 year old civilization in ancient Sialk Hills. Isfahan-Tehran, 448 km.


Day twentieth: Tehran. You have full day city tour. Visit fabulous museums as Iran National museum, Jewelry museum, where you can see the biggest pink diamond in the world, and Golestan Palace where the last Iranian king was crowned, one of the attraction of World Heritage Sites. The most famous building of the palace is the Mirror Hall.


Day twenty first: Fly back to your country with precious memories of Iran



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