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Beach holliday on Awaza






Avaza are multistory hotels outwardly reminding modern palaces small cottages for comfort lovers, stadiums, golf-clubs, tennis courts, pools, entertaining attractions, vanguard disco-clubs located in a sea chic restaurants and east hospitable cafes. It seems, possible to enumerate and enumerate, but everything will mention however, anything and will drop off. It is whole tourist paradise, most enormous resort zone, in that nobody will refuse to spend time without an exception. All constituents of complex "Avaza" are compact placed on the small area of dry spell neighboring with a light-blue sea famous desert and mountains of exotic things. But this Edenic garden ashore the Caspian Sea while built only great deal as early as project, it is though done already sufficiently.
Avaza is the chic resort complex stretched on territory of city Turkmenbashi in Turkmenistan coast-wise the Caspian sea. Thus, Avaza is not simply resort, it is tourist titan, insurgent from under water majestic Atlantida, managing for the millenniums of the stay under water to regenerate in modern tourist paradise with the enormous amount of hotels, gims, pools, tennis courts, aqua-parks and other entertaining establishments and facilities. Only here you will be able to feel an east padishah for the sake of that millions of masters worked for years a stone after a stone recreating former grandeur of the world of the lost civilization doing all of it only with a that aim in the end to make happy the ruler used to the luxury and eternal festivals.
Grandiose building on a Kaspian shore bank began in 2007 since new President of Republic of Turkmenistan offered an idea to create in the country the majestic national tourist zone of "Avaza", the unusual name of that, by the way, takes place on behalf of rare easterly wind. So, presentation of multimillion object, the participants of that became the first witnesses that, how modern history of their edge is created, took place in July, 2007. After it determining began for Turkmenia and her economy giant building.
While six first-class hotels are here built from pre-arranged sixty, two modern child"s summer camps, resort hotels, health-resorts, row of restaurants and cafe, stationing oneself along the recently tunneled artificial channel, long 7 kilometers.
In spite of uncompleteness of project here already hundreds of holiday-makers flow down from many countries of near and distant foreignness; here people are settled in hotels, make happy itself by the warm rays of a Turkmenian sun, bath in pleasant blue water of Caspian Sea, beach recreation, treat oneself in resort hotels - in general, with pleasure spend time. And it already now, when from the beginning of converting of project only 3 years has passed! It is difficult to imagine that here will be created, when Avaza will appear before the world in all unearthly beauty, luxury and grandeur!
Fully to complete building of Avaza architects plan to 2020. And then this resort zone will become one of the most popular places of beach rest on all Eurasian continent. But you have possibility to arrive here already today and to enjoy that Turkmenian authorities had time to create for this small interval of time. And we from the side with pleasure we will help to get you to this remarkable place, and we organize unforgettable "caspian" vacation for you.


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