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Zheleznovodsk - the most northerly of the resorts of Caucasian Mineral Waters. The city was founded in 1810. It is 21 km from the airport of Mineralnye Vody and 6 km from the station Beshtau. The resort is located between the mountains and Beshtau Railway at an altitude of 600-650 meters above sea level. The city's population - 54 thousand people. In Zheleznovodsk - 20 health centers and 3 Hotels.

Founded 175 years ago, Zheleznovodsk grew up in a large, modern resort, where for a year recuperate around 130 thousand man. 

The chemical composition of more than 20 mineral springs are little-mineralized carbonate and carbon hot-sulfate sodium-calcium waters of weak radioactivity. They mainly differ in temperature - from 11 to 70% of heat. The most famous of them - and Smirnovsky Slavyanovsky, which by their drinking and balneological properties have no equal in the world. They allow you to safely and effectively treat urological and gastroenterological diseases. Another healing properties of the local mineral water - it is the content of it is so important for the life of the component, as iron. It is a part of many enzymes, provide performance critical functions, including hematopoiesis. Successfully used in the rehabilitation of patients with healing sulfide silt mud lake Tambukansky.

From every corner of the resort Zheleznovodsk you can see the largest mountain in the Caucasian Mineral Waters, which is known for a long time under the name Beshtau. Its height reaches 1401 m above sea level. From the railway station to the base of her hacked wide glade. At the main summit is well marked trail. The ascent takes about three hours.

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