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Nalchik is the capital city of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Russia, situated at an altitude of 550 meters (1,800 ft) in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains. 

Nalchik - a young city, it has no historical value, its beauty in modernity, dynamism, splendor natural environment, rich green furniture of streets and square. Amasing mountain air, mild climate, abundant sunshine, unique mineral water and mud from the world famous Lake Tambukansky They brought him fame as one of the best of spa places in Russia. The decoration is Nalchik Park, merging with the surrounding forests. He is considered one of the best in Russia. Surrounded by tree-lined avenues are presented here 156 species of trees and shrubs is a whole system of flowing artificial reservoirs, a zoo, rides, cafes and restaurants.

Sanatoriums of Nalchik - the main factors of treatment, the treatment profiles resort city of Nalchik - gastrointestinal disease, musculoskeletal system, metabolism, nervous system, respiratory system, skin, gynecological. To apply the mud silt mud lake Tambukansky. Dirt is used mainly in the form of applications, as well as in combination with electrotherapy. Along with climatotherapy and mud-bath treatments using exercise therapy, physical therapy, artificial radon and carbon dioxide baths, mechanotherapy, paraffin and naftalan therapy. For the climate therapeutic procedures and swimming in the lake, located in the resort, equipped beach, there is a boat station; Bathing is also held in the outdoor pool with running water. The park Terrenkur marked routes. On the basis of one of the sources of hydro-sodium mineral water "Nalchik 1" is built well-known throughout the country drinking gallery. This water belongs to the poorly mineralized chloride-sodium waters gidrokarbonantno and a methane-nitrogen, alkaline brackish with a high content of organic substances, the presence of silicic acid. Used water with a variety of diseases: gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis with different secretion, chronic hepatitis, holetsestit etc. Along with mineral water in the resort "Nalchik" is widely used mud from the lake Tambukan, which is located on the border.. between Kabardino-Balkaria and the Stavropol Territory. Mouthing the lake enjoy all the resorts of Caucasian Mineral Waters. It is a thick homogeneous plastic mass black.

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