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Two capitals tour 14 days


First Day: Meeting at the Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, comfortable transfer by the buses of our company (we have a private auto park, offer business-class and luxury cars, which you can choose  as you wish. Available as Mercedes SL Class, Mercedes  E Class, Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Sprinter), accommodation in the hotel of your choice. Free time.

iSecond day: Breakfast. At 10.00 AM – meeting with your guide in the hotel lobby. Excursion to the Red Square - the main and most beautiful square of Moscow which is especially beautiful during the New Year holidays. You will see those same chiming clocks of Spassky Tower, hear their special ding-dongs. You will hear about interesting stories of the walls and towers of the Moscow Kremlin, Mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin, St. Basil's Cathedral, Church of Our Lady of Kazan. You will see the monument to Minin and Pozharsky, the place of executions, walk through the building of GUM (historical department store) and Gostiny Dvor (indoor market): visit to these venues is optional so you can freely make your purchases. Free time. Lunch: you will be able to choose your own place to eat and our staff will be happy to help you with your choice.

Tour of the Kremlin with a visit to the cathedral. The Moscow Kremlin is situated in the heart of the Russian capital. Its walls and towers, golden-domed cathedrals and ancient palaces stand high above the Moskva River forming a unique beauty and grandeur of the architectural and artistic ensemble. Today, the Kremlin is the residence of the President of Russia. Moscow Kremlin ensemble is included in the List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage, majestic cathedrals and churches, the magnificent palace complex, Arsenal, Senate, Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell, Armory Museum are all situated here. Transfer to the hotel. End of the tour, the duration of the tour of the day is 8 hours.

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Third Day: Breakfast. 10.00 AM: meeting with your guide in hotel lobby. You will visit the All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VDNKh). You will see the main monuments of engineering; learn a lot about the construction of exhibition pavilions and engineering and about their creators. And, together with us, you will go up to the roof of the Main Pavilion and explore it from the inside!

You will see all the most interesting pavilions and monuments at the Center in terms of engineering achievements: Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Monument, Main Pavilion, Pavilion “Space” and more. You will learn many interesting facts about how the exhibition Center was built and what secrets are hidden behind its lush lining! End of the tour, the duration of the tour of the day is 6 hours.

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Fourth Day: Breakfast. 10.00 AM: meeting with the tour guide in the hotel lobby. You will visit the Izmailovo Kremlin - a unique center of culture and entertainment based at the famous Vernissage in Izmailovo, pre-Petrine cozy corner of Moscow in which the Russian history and fairy tale are intertwined with modernity!  It is not a fortress and a monument of architecture, as you might think from the name, it is a historical, architectural and entertainment complex. Izmailovo Kremlin combines many features of old Russian Kremlins of different times, their most interesting and colorful parts and at the same time offer modern recreation industry. There are all conditions for creativity and relaxation for both children and adults: sightseeing tours and workshops in Russian crafts, celebrations and anniversaries, weddings and children's parties, exciting games and horse riding. End of the tour, the duration of the tour of the day is 6 hours.


Fifth Day: Breakfast. Free time.

Sixth Day: Breakfast. 10.00 AM: meeting with the tour guide in the hotel lobby. You will visit Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the first Russian state municipal museum, entirely specialized in the art of XXth and XXIst centuries. A place where sophistication and richness of Russian antiquity stand next to the rebellion and free-thinking of the young and daring of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. You will visit two sites of the museum, where you will enjoy the paintings of distinguished masters of modern art and the exhibitions of the little-known artists. Free time, optional walks during which you will can buy souvenirs or paintings that you liked. Our staff will gladly help you with the documentation that allows exporting of art pieces from Russia.


You will visit the Central Children's Store. You will enjoy a fascinating and informative journey through the largest children's store in the world. You will see all of our attractions and interactive scenes, visit the world of Alice in Wonderland, admire the world's largest rocket from Lego, get your pictures taken in photo-booths, visit the Museum of Childhood, watch 3D show about the history of the Central Children's Store, enjoy the sights of old Moscow from the viewing platforms. On one of the floors there is KidBurg - children's city of crafts – that represents a small model of the real world for children of ages from 1.5 to 14 years. 3000 square meters situate town hall, post office, labor exchange, port, hospital, emergency service, television and radio studios and other facilities, without which it is impossible to imagine a modern metropolis. In addition there are a supermarket, a city cafe, a bakery, a specially designed area for Moscow that include a mine, an architectural office, a flower shop, a court, an advertising agency and others. Children are trained in all kinds of professions of which KidBurg has more than 60. Just like in an adult world childhood city issues passports and keeps employment records. Mock money, called “profi”, can be spent on further training, preparation for new specialties, entertainment and souvenirs. For the very young guests of KidBurg there are special gaming zones, schedules programs for kids offer fun educational classes. While a child “works” in KidBurg, parents can relax a bit. Children older 14 years of age recieve special bracelets that give them right of free entry and exit from the city. You can watch the game from outside, take pictures, visit KidBurg cafe and enjoy free Wi-Fi. In the territory of childrens’ city there is a family café that serves a variety of dishes. One can bring their own food to KidBurg. In the city’s park there are number of benches where children can relax and have a snack.


Free time, optional walk, buy Souvenirs. Meeting with the guide. Return transfer to the hotel. End of the tour, the duration of the tour of the day is 8 hours.

Seventh Day: Breakfast. At 10.00 AM – meeting with your guide in the hotel lobby. Check-out from hotel. Transfer from a hotel to Leningrad Railway Station. Boarding comfortable, high-speed train “Sapsan”.  Sapsan is a modern and high-speed train of Russian Railways in operation on the route Moscow – St. Petersburg – Moscow from December 2009. Speed of the train is up to 240 km/hour. The distance between the downtown Moscow and the downtown of St-Petersburg is covered by this train consisting of 10 cars in only four hours.  

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Meeting at Moscow Railway Station (in St.Petersburg). Transfer to Hotel Ibis St Petersburg Centre. Check-in. Free time.

Eighth Day: Breakfast. At 10.00 AM – meeting with your guide in the hotel lobby. Will begin our exploration of the city with the world famous pearls - "Peterhof". The capital of fountains – the whole city is like a Museum under the open sky.  

Peterhof or Petrodvorets is situated on the bank of the Gulf of Finland and is a world famous Park and Palace ensemble, well known for its unique fountain system. You will see the huge cascade systems with the highest water spray rising up to 23 meters, single fountains decorated with magnificent marble and gilded statues, children having fun running through the pouring water. You also visit Catherine Palace is situated in the town of Pushkin - a little suburb of St. Petersburg. The other name of the place is Tsarskoye Selo. The palace was constructed in the 18th century for the Russian Empress Elisabeth. It is constructed in the style of Russian baroque, richly decorated with gilded carvings. 30 kilos of gold was used for the interior decoration only.

During the tour of the Palace you will walk through a magnificent gallery of gala rooms where balls, receptions, and official dinners took place, see a very interesting collection of furniture and peaces of applied art, which belonged to the Royal family. But the main point of interest is of course the world famous Amber Room. A room, where the whole surface of the walls is covered with natural amber. This interior is unique. Nowhere in the world one can not see anything like that. After visiting the Palace we can also have a walk around the beautiful gardens. End of the tour, the duration of the tour of the day is 8 hours. 


Ninth Day: Breakfast.Breakfast. At 10.00 AM – meeting with your guide in the hotel lobby. Sightseeing tour - of St.Petersburg. During the city sightseeing tour you will see the most beautiful sights of the former Imperial capital of Russia. The golden spire of the Admiralty is one of the symbols of St.Petersburg and a compositional centre of the central part of the city. Three streets like a trident of Neptune come from the tower of the Admiralty, among which is the city's main street - Nevsky Prospekt, a street of expensive shops and hotels, restaurants and cinemas. A lot of churches of different confessions are located on this street. The most remarkable ones of which are the ancient-looking Kazan Cathedral and the picturesque Church of Resurrection or Saviour the Spilt Blood Church, owing its second name to the cruel fact in the Russian history -the murder of the Russian Tsar Alexander II who was assassinated at this spot. Not far from the Admiralty there is the main square of the city - the Palace Square. This architectural ensemble includes a majestic Empire style building of General Staff, the Alexander Column, the monument glorifying the Russian Emperor Alexander I, the winner of the war of 1812 against Napoleon, and the former residence of the Russian Tsars - Winter Palace, magnificent building of the Russian baroque style. Now the halls of the palace contain the works of art of the collection of the biggest museum of Russia - the Hermitage. From the Palace square one can see the golden dome of St Isaac's Cathedral, one of the biggest large-domed cathedrals in the world. From the viewing platform of the upper colonnade of the cathedral one can admire a splendid panorama of the city. At the other side of the cathedral near the Neva river there is one more city's landmark- an equestrian statue to its founder Peter the Great, better known as the Bronze Horseman. The Point of Vasilievsky Island is the favourite place of the locals and guests of the city. Here one can have a magnificent view of the city and the city's oldest construction - the Peter and Paul Fortress. The highest building of the fortress is the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul with its golden spire dominating over the flat banks of the city's low-lying islands. It also is the last resting place of the Russian Tsars of the Romanov dynasty. Close to the Peter and Paul Fortress in the Bigger Nevka river there is another object of note attracting the guests of the city - Aurora Battleship, famous for being a symbol of the October Revolution of 1917, as the blank shot fired from Aurora on 25th of October was a signal to start the storm of the Winter Palace. Transfer to the hotel. End of the tour, the duration of the tour of the day is 8 hours.

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Tenth Day. Breakfast. At 10.00 AM – meeting with your guide in the hotel lobby. You will see the Palace square and Sennaya square and numerous monuments. Steeped in the spirit of tsarist Russia. Looking at all this beauty wants to go back in time and live at least a few days. The very interesting places we will stop where You can take a memorable photo and taking food. You will Visit the spit of Vasilievsky Islandin Saint Petersburg situated between the Bolshaya Neva and the Malaya Neva, two main distributaries of the river. 

During the tour you will visit Peter and Paul fortress. Today it is situated in the heart of the city on a little island called Hare Island. The main attraction of the Fortress is the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, which is the burial place of the Russian Tsars. All the ruling Romanovs starting with Peter the Great and up to Nicholas II are buried there. End of the tour, the duration of the tour of the day is 8 hours.



Eleventh Day: Breakfast. Free time.


Twelfth Day: Breakfast. A boat trip is a very pleasant, interesting and romantic way to explore the city. St. Petersburg is often called the Venice of the North. It lies astride 42 islands washed by 65 rivers and canals. You will go along the old canals and under the bridges. You will see beautiful old palaces and mansions decorating the embankments. And during the trip you can try to imagine yourself in the 18th - 19th century St. Petersburg, where canals and boats existed - busses did not. So this tour will give you a better feeling of the nature and character of old Petersburg. 

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You will go Kronstadt is a municipal town in Kronshtadtsky District of the federal city of St. Petersburg, Russia, located on Kotlin Island, 30 kilometers (19 mi) west of St. Petersburg proper near the head of the Gulf of Finland. 

It is also St. Petersburg's main seaport. In March 1921, it was the site of the Kronstadt rebellion.

Traditionally, the seat of the Russian admiralty and the base of the Russian Baltic Fleet were located in Kronstadt guarding the approaches to Saint Petersburg. The historic centre of the city and its fortifications are part of the World Heritage Site Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments.

Kronstadt has been a place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians for many years due to the holy memory of Saint John of Kronstadt. Bus and water tours to Kronstadt are taken daily from Saint Petersburg.  End of the tour, the duration of the tour of the day is 8 hours.

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Thirteenth Day: Breakfast. At 10.00 AM – meeting with your guide in the hotel lobby. You will go along the Old Peterhof road, the main departure from the capital to country residence of Tsar. Until now the Peterhof road is rich in monuments of architecture, history, Palace and Park ensembles of 18-19 centuries In ways we can admire the former country estates of Grand Dukes, sons of Nicholas 1, and the estates of the Sheremetev family, the Naryshkins.

Strelna is a municipal settlement in Petrodvortsovy District of the federal city of St. Petersburg, Russia, located about halfway between St. Petersburg proper and Petergof and overlooking the shore of the Gulf of Finland. In 1990 UNESCO even included this monument of world cultural heritage in the list of sites facing destruction. To the 300 anniversary of Northern capital Konstantinovsky Palace was restored and became the personification of the highest state authorities of Russia.


Also represented in this programme of tours every day, after dinner, we are pleased to offer You The boat trip a night tour of the bridges will undoubtedly become one of the most memorable experiences from St. Petersburg. This will give you an opportunity to view the buildings you have seen before at a different angle.

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Fourteenth Day. Breakfast. At 10.00 AM – meeting with your guide in the hotel lobby. Check-out from hotel. Transfer from a hotel to Moscow Railway Station (St.Petersburg). Boarding comfortable, high-speed train “Sapsan”. Meeting at Leningrad Railway Station (Moscow). Transfer to Airport. 


Price per two persons

Aerostar ****


Cosmos  ***


Izmailovo Gammа ***


Izmailovo Delta ****


Four Seasons Hotel Moscow*****


Sheraton Palas Hotel Moscow*****


Price with choice standart room. 

 *Halal service in Aerostar Hotel.

Possible dinner order. The hotel has a equipped kitchen "Halal" is a full inventory of equipment and intended for the storage and processing of the products "Halal", which excludes contact with non halal products and allows to control the production process from the stage of storage to hot dishes to the table. Staff who cook halal dishes are also halal certified. All products for maintenance on the “Halal” system we purchase from specialist suppliers and have certificates. Price $18 per person.


The cost of the tour include

  • Stay in the hotel of your selection,
  • Breakfasts,
  • Program of excursions (sightseeing),
  • Entrance tickets to the museums,
  • Guide services,
  • Transportation



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